Here's a fun CD I did with Pete Mitchell from No More Kings

Musings on Mars is a collection of pop songs I produced with my friend Pete Mitchell on vocals  done in a Jazz Style. I kept it pretty open, with percussion and bass on only half of the songs to see if I could fill it out with just piano. I had a ton of fun stretching myself rhythmically, but when  everyone plays together it's magic! Pepe Jimenez and Derek Jones bring the heat! Musings also features some wonderful clarinet by Julian Tanaka on Land Down Under. The album has some great playing and a really nice flow. Make sure you listen to Movin' on Up (the Jefferson's Theme song) for some smokin' guitar by Jim Buck. If you listen a few seconds past the last song, you're in for a tasty, comedic surprise!!!

Below are  links to Bandcamp. Note: if you download from Bandcamp , or any site other than iTunes, you will have to download the files to your computer to get them into iTunes on your mobile devices.  Bandcamp does have it's own app if you want to keep it simple. All of my material is also available on iTunes , Amazon, Spotify, etc.

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Pete and I had a lot of fun making this album, so it only seemed appropriate to have fun with it's release also!

A Warm Body and a Piano is a solo project born out of necessity.  Pete and I were getting ready to release Musings on Mars, but I didn't have any presence on iTunes or anywhere else for that matter. I needed something to link to so the album would show up on both of our iTunes pages and so A warm Body was born. I had been messing around making some videos as an exercise and when I reviewed the content I was amazed at how much less it sucked then I remembered ! I really liked the honesty and freedom of my performance, So, I proudly give you A Warm Body and A piano to enjoy .

My First Solo CD!

Here's a Mother's Day song I did with my kids

What's up with the monkey???

Here's a cool CD I produced for Pete Mitchell